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Futura Petro experience in providing payroll services

Futura Petro is a supplier of manpower, not solely a recruitment agency, and provides a complete manpower secondment service, which includes a complete payroll service, as well as all other aspects of employing personnel in Kazakhstan

Description of Services

Futura Petro tailors the scope of its payroll service to each individual Client’s needs. However, there are two basic service packages which we can offer and adapt to your specific needs:

Complete outsourcing of payroll

Under this Option, Futura Petro would be responsible for all aspects of employing and payrolling your personnel. Specifically, Futura Petro would be responsible for the following:

  • Holding employment contracts
  • Payroll and tax calculations
  • Payment of payroll and tax
  • Arrangement and payment of employment insurances
  • Calculation and processing of pension contributions
  • Management and administration of all other employment and statutory obligations (trade union issues, holiday pay, termination procedures, etc.).

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